THE PLIN - 余普利尼奥

普利尼奥我是皮埃蒙特大区的典型产品,特别是在库内奥和西部山前。在皮埃蒙特方言,普林尼和捏,这个词从与烧腊填补了这个名字来源于鸡蛋面 条,plin,是对给予面食压力。该Plin用沸水煮熟,水和黄油和鼠尾草汁,或烤炸。但要充分认识味道,就是传统中的你可以品尝上没有调味餐巾。在示范 Gustadom在Asti,您可以品尝agnolotti戈比这种方式送达。

"Plin" are a typical product of Piedmont, especially in the western Piedmont.

In the Piedmontese dialect, "Plin" is the pinch, this term derives from the name of this egg pasta filled with roast meat, plin is the pinch that is given to the pasta.

The Plin are cooked in boiling water and served with butter and sage sauce, or roast. But to fully appreciate the taste, tradition has it that you may taste on a napkin with no seasoning.

During the demonstration Gustadom in Asti you can taste the agnolotti Gobbi served in this way.

Piedmont, Italy 

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