Bagna caoda means "hot sauce" it is a souce usually eated with vegetables raw or coocked. It is maybe the most popular piedmontese traditional recipe. The garlic give at this dish a strong but very unique taste.

Ingredients for 6 people :

400 gr oil
150 gr salted anchovies
6  garlic


Clean the anchovies from the salt . Clean the garlic and boil in a saucepan with the milk.

When the garlic is cooked, throw out the milk - this will lighten the flavor of the sauce - add the anchovies and cook slightly more.

After a few minutes pass with the mulinex and add, with the cooker to a minimum, the oil and the cream just enough to become a creamy sauce.

Bagna Cauda should be served hot to the table as possible with the appropriate stoves (picture), along with previously cleaned and cooked vegetables.

Examples of vegetables can be served with this there salas are:

- The traditional thistle
- Boiled potatoes
- Cooked onions
- The toupinambour
- The raw cabbage
- Celery
- "Carmagnola" pepper
- The
"Cervere" leek 
- Etc. ...

For "madamin" (means young ladies) more sensitive that can not stand the smell of garlic, in the past cook prepared the "Truffle Sauce", a refined variant of "Bagna Caoda" . 
It 'always based on anchovies and fine olive oil  but instead garlic you put sliced thin white truffles. This recipe was dictated by Giovanni Vialardi, chef at the Savoy court at the service of Carlo Alberto before and then Vittorio Emanuele II, and the author of "TRATTATO DI CUCINA PASTICCERIA MODERNA E CREDENZA" published in 1854 and considered the classic text of Piedmontese cuisine .

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