The bonet (IPA [bu ' nɛt]) is a typical spoon sweet of Piedmont made of cioccolato and amaretti. In Piedmontese bonet means hat. In some interpretations name would refer to the form of mold the bonet is cooked. In other word hat would make reference to the fact that the bonet is served at the end of the meal, ago by "cap" to the rest.

In some historical Piedmont documents in the 13th it is mentioned the bonet even if in a form different from that we know today since the cocoa come from America much later.

The so colled "historic" bonet was prepared in Piedmont without cocoa, that as we have seen should still be discovered, but eggs, milk, sugar and amaretti.

to 8 persons

Semi-skimmed milk   700 g
eggs                               180 g
Dry amaretti biscuits 100 g
Sugar                             140 g
Bitter cocoa powder       20 g

Beat the cocoa and the amaretti eggs with sugar. Add the milk previously brought to boil. Pour the preparation in the appropriate stencil. Fix the dies in a water bath with a pan sheets of cardboard on the Fund to restrict the boil.

Cook in the oven at 160 ° C for 60 minutes around.

Italy, Piedmont

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