HUNCHBACK THISTLE - 在Cardoon戈博迪尼扎蒙费拉托

The hunchback thistle  of Nizza Monferrato is a typical product of Piedmont, is name derives from the characteristic "hump" due to the type of cultivation. 
In the countryside of Nizza Monferrato, in Piedmont, to protect it from the cold of winter, hunchback thistle  is partially buried. 
The plant to seek the light bends upward, taking the characteristic hump shape. 
Besides allowing the plant to withstand the harsh winters of Piedmont, this kind of culture makes the legs of hunchback thistle most tender and white . 
The thistle, especially the Hunchback of Piedmont, is a fundamental ingredient of the typical Piedmontese Bagna Cauda
In another area of Piedmont Instead, the Saluzzo plain , the thistle will be enclosed in thick sheets of paper tied in very closely. In this way the thistle grows straight, white and tender. The hump Cardoon of Nizza is added to the list of traditional Italian food products from the Piedmont.

Italy, Piedmont 

在Cardoon戈博迪尼扎蒙费拉托,一个典型的皮埃蒙特大区的产品,被命名为特色的“驼峰”由于种植类型。在农村的尼扎蒙费拉托在皮埃蒙特大区, 以保护从寒冷的冬天,是部分埋葬。该计划寻求光线弯曲向上,走特色驼峰形状。使得除了允许工厂承受皮埃蒙特严冬,这种文化的最温柔和白腿。在卡尔特别是皮 埃蒙特驼背,是一个典型的皮埃蒙特巴尼亚马尾基本要素。在另一个相反的皮埃蒙特区,平原萨卢佐的蓟将密封在非常密切地联系在一起的纸厚板。这样,蓟生长 直,白,投标。在蓟尼斯驼背添加到传统的意大利皮埃蒙特区的食品产品名单

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