Minced meat must be thin and limp. The cut ideal starting point is the thigh.
Sprinkle with oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and flavored with garlic.
Garlic should be added in large pieces, after leaving aside the meat for at least two hours you should remove it. Thus it remains just the smell of garlic and the dish is good enough for most palates "fine".
Dress the meat on a platter and garnish with
parsley, lemon slices and especially with slices of white truffle of  Alba.

程序:在肉类必须切碎非常薄,跛行。被淘汰的理想起点是大腿。撒上油,盐,胡椒,柠檬汁和大蒜味。大蒜中应增加大块后,撇开了至少两个小时,您应该 删除它的肉。因此,它仍然只是气味的大蒜和菜是不够的最味觉“罚款”。着装上的一盘肉和装饰用香菜和柠檬片。

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