The village of Monforte D'Alba is very old, there appears to have been found remains of Neolithic and Roman times.

It owes its name to the castle with walls built during the early Middle Ages not currently exist.

There is a street in Milan named "Monforte street". It seems that the name of this street is derived from an incident of 1028, when the army sent by Aribert of Intimacy, Archbishop of Milan stormed the castle and deported Cathar rebels in Milan to make them recant. But most of them chose
death by burning rather than renounce their ideas.

Today it is very pleasant to walk through the medieval lanes of Monforte D'Alba, surrounded by
restored beautifull buildings.

Monforte D'Alba is one of the 11 municipalities under the DOC production Boroli, a symbol of the wines of Piedmont and the Langhe.

The typical dishes of Monforte D'Alba are the traditional ones of the Langhe, recipes having the scent of white truffles that accompanies traditional tajarin. Or Plin with
roast sauce .

德的蒙福特阿尔巴村已经很老 了,似乎已发现新石器时代遗迹和古罗马时代。


有 一个在米兰街头“蒙福特。看来,这条街的名字是从一个1028事件时,由军队派出的亲密Aribert所得,米兰大主教闯入城堡和驱逐在米兰Cathar 叛乱分子,使他们放弃信仰。但他们大多数选择了股份,而不是放弃自己的想法。

今天,是非常愉快的遍历蒙福特德阿尔巴的精心修复 建筑物包围,中世纪的车道。

蒙福特德阿尔巴是在11个城市之一根据商务部的生产Boroli,一对皮埃蒙特和朗格葡萄酒的象 征。

阿尔巴的蒙福特德的特色菜肴都是朗格,前者拥有该伴随传统tajarin白松露传统的气味。 Plin酱或烤。

Italy, Piedmont

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