Saturday, April 10th, 2010 in Turin Cathedral will begin the exposition of the Holy "Sindone". 

For the event are expected in Turin more than 2 million pilgrims. The "Sindone" is one of the strongest symbols of the Catholic Church. 
the Holy "Sindone" is a linen sheet, thet according to tradition, was used to cover Jesus in the tomb. 
Last time the Holy "Sindone" was shown in 2000 at the jubilee, the exposition will last 40 days of April 2010. 

The Holy "Sindone" is again shown to the public after the recent restoration in 2002. Along the route of the tour will see the panels illustrating the history of the "Holy Sindone", will also open 2 exhibitions at the cathedral on the Sindone of Turin. 
During the days of the exposition are also scheduled performances and cultural events at the Venaria castle, the Teatro Stabile of Turin and the Teatro Regio. 
Visitors must be registered. For more information on the Holy Sindone of Turin, see: Official site of the Holy Shroud of Turin (you can book tours online)  www.sindone.org 


在裹尸布是天主教会 最强烈的象征之一。这'亚麻表,按传统,是用来支付在坟墓里的耶稣。后者是在2000年展出的五十周年,博览会将持续40 2010年4月天。

在 裹尸布再次向公众表明在2002年后,最近恢复。
沿参观路线将看到小组说明了“圣裹尸布”,也打开了都灵裹尸布的教堂2展览的历史。博览会期间 的日子还将赴演出和文化活动的维纳里亚,都灵剧院斯塔和雷焦歌剧院。


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