Gorgonzola is a cow's milk cheese raw paste, blue cheese. 

The characteristics ascribed to green stains are mildew that characterize this cheese. 
According to tradition gorgonzola takes its name from the Lombard town in which it seems was produced as early as the 879 AD.
In 1996 the gorgonzola is officially entered in the list of PDO (protected designation of origin) drafted by the European Union. 
Although the gorgonzola was born in Lombardia and continues to be produced in that area, Novara  became capital of Gorgonzola . 
The piedmontese city of Novara is characterized for a large manufacturing district of this cheese. The specification was then expected production in other areas of Piedmont, Vercelli, Cuneo, Biella, Verbania and Casale Monferrato. 
Gorgonzola is therefore now also a typical cheese from Piedmont. The blue cheese can be sweet or spicy. 

To learn more about Gorgonzola, consult the website of the consortium: http://www.gorgonzola.com/default.asp


按照传统的伦巴第奶酪需要从城市中似乎正如它的名字制 作了早在公元879


虽然奶酪出 生在悉尼,并继续在该地区生产,成为戈贡佐拉诺瓦拉资本。这个城市的特点是一本大型制造奶酪区皮埃蒙特的事实。

当时预计该规范生产的皮 埃蒙特,维切利,库内奥,比耶拉,韦尔巴尼亚和卡萨尔Monferrato的其他领域。奶酪因此,现在也从皮埃蒙特典型奶酪。

蓝色的奶 酪可以是甜的还是辣。

要了解更多有关戈贡佐拉,征询财团网站:http://www.gorgonzola.com /default.asp

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