This article is a free translation of that one OSCAR FARINETTI write on the on-line newspaper www.lastampa.it

The article talks about the opening in New York of the new store EATALY. I decided to publish it because it will surely be an opportunity for greater dissemination of typical Italian products, but especially for typical Piedmont products, as the roots of EATALY are in Piedmont. The blog www.italy-piedmont.blogspot.com therefore could not refrain from giving prominence to this news, which also covers the Piedmont cuisine.



The first doubt, then that was also my first revelation, I had to Union Square. A fruit stand selling pears from New Jersey and I bought one with hope - not too unacknowledged - that would not hold the comparison with ours. Saying that, savoring the sweet pulp, I have literally fallen from the pear is too easy a pun, but gives an idea.

Today, here in New York, opens Eataly, but not the Eataly I imagined three years ago, the first time that I began to turn Manhattan's far and wide looking for a suitable location to open in the U.S.. It is not because, after the pear, things were no longer the same. That result gave me doubt the wonderful doubt that there was not all burgers and fries, that here too there was a culture of food, that there were peasants and farmers love their land and their animals, especially, that here I I could learn and do better.

I confess that, at first, my attitude was of superiority just Eataly open - I thought - these Yankees finally discovered the joys of food. It seemed too easy for someone who 'import', Italian delicacies. But no. I soon found an extraordinary variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Flour and meal, for example, here are values of protein and gluten unthinkable in Europe. I had to change strategy, change your mind. Above all I had - and I - understand how could this incredible variety. It was not difficult: it is enough to look around.

Here in New York - as elsewhere in the United States - crossing every day ethnicities, religions, traditions, history, culture (including food and wine, of course). Here, as nowhere else in the world, you do every day grafts and cross, and I speak not only of agriculture and animal husbandry. So that doubt, initially related to my work allowed me a new vision of things.

I followed with passion as the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said about the construction of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, putting it firmly. This is the true spirit of tolerance and acceptance, this is discernment: to distinguish, without bias, the 'good' 'bad'. In whatever field this discernment applies: from 'simple' food to politics.

So I am so proud and grateful that he is today to inaugurate Eataly. Cut a ribbon made of tricolor pasta and held his weekly press conference here.

With this gesture, New York officially welcomes us, as America did with all those Italian immigrants passed through Ellis Island, whose children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are now U.S. citizens, integrated, true to their Constitution and ready themselves to accept because this is their story.

If a key to American greatness is to take the best that each can give and then give the whole society, Eataly that opens today in New York this spirit bride. Half of U.S. products, half of our home products and savoir-faire to 100 per cent Italian. Always. So meat, fish, vegetables, flour, milk and eggs will be Made in the USA: they are excellent products, carefully selected, and give us the advantage of keeping firmly to the principle that eataliano "Kilometre Zero of, or to favor local products. The other half of the foods on the shelves and in restaurants instead of Italian will be: everything, in our opinion, deserved to be exported, and it is not little.

Since that begins today is the biggest market of Italian products ever seen so far on American soil, it was our duty to show - even in our tiny - like putting together the diversity can give great results. Try, if you happen, the Bagna Cauda with swiss chard and you'll understand what I mean. And if you still have doubts, put in the same dish a slice of a pear and Gorgonzola Novara New Jersey. Then they talk about it.




第一个疑问,那也是我第一个启示,我不得不联合广场。一个水果摊销售来自新泽西州梨,我买了一个希望 - 不是太不被承认的 - 这会不会与我们进行比较。说,品尝甜浆,我从字面上梨下降是过于简单了双关语,但仍然是一个想法。


我承认,起初,我的态度的优势只是Eataly开放 - 我想 - 这是洋基队终于发现了食物的乐趣。这似乎太容易的人谁'进口',意大利的美味佳肴。但是,没有。我很快就找到了一个不同寻常的水果,蔬菜和谷物。面粉和膳食,例如,这里是蛋白质和面筋值在欧洲是不可想象的。

我不得不改变策略,改变了主意。最重要的是我 - 我 - 明白怎么会这样令人难以置信的变化。这并不困难:它足以看看。

在这里,在纽约 - 如在美国休息 - 每天跨越种族,宗教,传统,历史,包括食品和酒的过程中,文化()。在这里,因为无处可在世界上,你每天做移植和交叉,我不仅是农业和畜牧业发言。因此,这毋庸置疑,最初我的工作有关的事情让我新的视野。



有了这个手势,纽约正式欢迎我们,因为美国通过埃利斯岛,其子女,孙子女和曾孙通过了所有意大利移民did those现在是美国公民,集成,忠于自己的宪法和愿意接受自己因为这是他们的故事。


此后,从今天开始是为意大利产品的最大市场见过这么远在美国的土壤,it是我们的责任展示 - 即使我们的小like in把together的diversity可以give伟大成果 - 。试试看,如果你出现,与瑞士甜菜巴尼亚马尾,你就会明白我的意思。如果你还有疑问,在同一盘一个梨和戈贡佐拉诺瓦拉新泽西片付诸表决。然后,他们谈论它。

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